Crewfit Twin 2010 Hood N/Harn:63072000-Life Jackets & Lifebelt

Product code: 12/1154-HAMM

  • 1,537.55 SR 1537.55 SAR

    1,337.00 SR

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Life Preserver: Size For Person Of 32.2 kg (71 lbs) or More, 275
N (61.1 lbs) Buoyancy Supply, Style Jacket, Orange, Nylon, Solas
Chapter iii, Department Of (UK) Transport Marine
Directorate, Automatic Self-Inflating Within 5 Sec After
Immersion In Water, Twin-Chambered, Textiles Threads Webbing
Cords And Coatings Synthetic And Rotproof, Includes Two
Water-Activated co2 Cartridges And Spray Hood, Non Harness

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