Unique 8''Rotary Milling Table U336

Product code: UNIQ/ERT-HV8

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Brand Name : UNIQUE
Type : UNIQ Rotary Milling Table – Code No.U336
Size: 8’’ inches
Día of Table in mm: 200
Table Slot in mm: 12
Center Bush Bore: MT No.-3
Worm & Gear Ratio: 1.72
Calibration: 2Min
Vertical U335 & U337: 290
Weight : 28 Kg
• The Table & Body manufacturered from close grain shock resisting cast iron.
• The body is provided with two bolt slots in Code No. U335 & U337 for mounting on machine .
• Table vertically & Horizontally.
• Provided with quick & precise disengagement of worm drive.
• Efficient lock provided.
• End play in wormshaft is adjustable.
• An eccentric sleeve with thrust Bearing races in the worm shaft.
• Provision for fine zero adjustment when setting work piece. Works as an index center in the vertical position as well as convential Rotary Table graduated 360º Indexing Plate is provided to enable the user to convert quickly to use indexing plates for fast setting.
• Direct reading to 2 minutes for size 6", 8" & 10" on hand wheel scale.
• Direct reading to 1 minute for size 12", 15",18" & 20" in hand wheel scale.
• High accuracy, easy reading of all dais clear & functional arrangement of all operating elements sturdy yet simple good looking practical design. These are widely used for circular cutting, angle setting, boring & spot facing with a milling machine.
• Maximum error 2 minutes of circular division using hand wheels.
• Table flat to within 0.005mm/100mm.
• Working surface rotates in its own plane to within 0.01 mm.
• Horizontal & vertical supporting surface square within 0.01mm/100mm..
• Centre bush bore is true to table axis within 0.008 mm.
• Maximum parrillas error through 360º rotation of table is 0.001mm.

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